There are many differnt styles of yoga, of which ashtanga is one.


Known today for it's dynamic and energetic postures and flowing practice, ashtanga yoga was first introduced to the West in the 1970s by Sri k. Pattabhi Jois (affectionately known as Guruji to students of ashtanga), who dedicated his life to teaching the system he developed with his teacher TKV Krishnamacharya.


The ashtanga practice focusses on controlled breathing (ujaii pranayama), synchronised with the sequence of postures (asana), and direction of the gaze to specific points (dristi). These three form the tristana, the tri-fold focus which enables the practice to become a flowing, moving, graceful meditation.


The practice can be modified for any level of ability or physical fitness, each student working at their own pace, on their own journey. Ultimately working towards developing their own daily self-practice.