Dave first decided to give yoga a try around 2005, after hearing about this 'Ashtanga style yoga' from some friends who described it as a really hard workout! Always up for a challenge, he began practicing with James Critchlow in Birmingham, and was soon hooked on the graceful, energetic flow of Ashtanga.

Studying with James, he developed a daily Ashtanga practice, and began to appreciate some of the deeper and more subtle levels of the practice, and just how much more there was to learn!

Some years later, after much study, Dave began working towards teaching Ashtanga himself.

He studied with world renowned Ashtanga teacher John Scott, completing his 200 hour teacher training course and further deepening his knowledge and appreciation of the practice. During this time he studied anatomy with David Keil, philosophy with Greg Nardi, as well as asana, and teaching skills with John Scott and Lucy Crawford.

Dave has also completed a 60 hour teaching course with David Swenson, another great world famous Ashtanga teacher.

Dave offers Ashtanga classes for a variety of levels of experience. Come along and practice with him, it'll be fun!